A Happy Team is Naturally Productive.

It's Not What The Vision Is But What It Does. Kazuo Inamori, founder and past president of Kyocera

The 4 Step Process:

  1. Increasing Psychological Safety
  2. Improving Transparency
  3. Recognizing Natural Leaders
  4. Unifying One Company Vision


Create One Company Vision by allowing me to work with your team and increase Group Power, Group Cohesion and Productivity!


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Risk Taking

When one feels psychologically safe at work and in the world, then they have a greater freedom to take risks. Below ...
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Measuring Psychological Safety with the TIPI

One of the building blocks to understanding and establishing psychological safety is based on how one sees him or herself ...
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5 Stages of Group Development

In order to understand the basics of psychological safety, one must also understand the foundation of group development. To develop ...
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Unconditional Positive Regard

Unconditional positive regard (UPR) is necessary when team members are attempting to create psychological safety. It is an attitude that ...
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